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For 33 years, Putnam Landscape Associates, a local, family-owned, full service landscape maintenance and design/build firm, has created customized landscape designs for discerning residential clients at over 1,000 of the area’s most stunning properties. Our team of dedicated professionals is a single solution for all of your outdoor needs!

Design and Build:

Complete Design and Build Firm

• With Putnam’s comprehensive approach, clients have access to resources for any outdoor project.

Detailed Project Plans with 3D Renderings

• Allows clients to visualize final product accompanied with the traditional landscape scaled plan.

Superior Value on Shrubs and Trees Installed

• Our 4-acre irrigated holding yard allows us to purchase specimen materials in volume, which results in cost-savings that we pass along to our clients.

Clear Communication / Superior Value

• Clients have a single communication channel rather than having to work with multiple contractors. By combining the scope of work under 1 contract clients are able to achieve economies of scale and peace of mind the job is done right.

Landscape Design Credentials

• Design work includes a wide range of garden styles, site-specific designs and appropriate plant selections resulting in spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

• Extensive horticultural background and plant knowledge.

• Experienced in navigating town permitting processes, wetland regulations, wetland design issues, and mitigation practices.

Putnam’s Maintenance “Total Approach”

Customized Approach, Focused on Service

At Putnam Landscape Associates, depend on us to stay ahead of the problems and provide one communication channel to coordinate all outdoor maintenance services. As a full service firm, we package all of your outdoor services to provide clear communication, timely coordination, personalized service to reveal the full potential out of your landscape.

Hands-on Ownership

As the owner of Putnam Landscape Associates, Grant Putnam, provides personal attention to each property and guides his team of landscape experts to assure superior service and exquisite results. Timely coordination of scheduled maintenance visits and better internal communication result in Putnam’s being one step ahead of the problems.

Lawn Mowing

Collection of Lawn Clippings (vs dispersing them on lawn)
Enjoy the advantages of having a manicured appearance every week without the annoyance of tracking clippings inside the house nor having to pay extra fees (double cutting, extra blowing)

Specialized Expert Services

Lawn Fertilization Service

•Core Aerating – We double and triple pass with the core aerating machine whereas other companies only do one pass. We use a garden weasel tool to hand rake in the corners and along belguim block to work the seed down into the soil. Our competitors don’t do this as its very time consuming.

•We use high quality, more expensive products for fertilizing the lawn to ensure results. These products have organic components which are designed to release the nutrients gradually over a longer period of time rather than a cheap product which makes all of the nutrients available over a short period of time.

•We apply 2 applications of pre-emergent weed control rather than the industry standard of 1 application.

•We spot spary all of your weeds to utilize as little herbicide as possible and be environmentally friendly. Our competitors save time by broadcast spraying the weeds with a huge rig negatively impacting the environment and health of the lawn.

•Our program is designed to guarantee results! Expect results within a 1 year process after we do the first Fall Core Aeration and Seeding.

•We spot spray the visible weeds during every lawn care visit, whereas other companies may charge you a separate, extra fee for doing so.

•Our lawn care technicians are cross trained in shrub and insect diseases resulting in a comprehensive insurance policy on your entire landscape rather than just lawn care.

•We pay to retain our best employees to ensure we have high quality workmanship and employee retention. Large national chain business models are based on a high volume, low cost strategy which results in high employee turnover.

Tick Spraying Services

•Our spray truck is a high pressure, 35 horsepower, 1000 gallon tank designed for effective killing of harmful ticks. Most of our competitors are using 5 horsepower, 200 gallon tanks that don’t give you the correct pressure to get under leaf debris nor the correct volume to kill the ticks.

Irrigation Adjustments

•Our scheduled multiple irrigation adjustments allows us to adjust water for correct lawn and shrub requirements. Over or under watering is one of the most destructive influences on a landscape. Our competitors don’t normally include these adjustments as part of their service contract.

Fine Gardening Program – 7 Visits

•Expertise: Our Crew has the expertise to prune shrubs at the correct period to avoid damage and loss of bloom. The majority of other landscapers do not have this expertise.

•7 Visits: We visit your property seven times throughout the year to achieve Fine Gardening. The majority of competitors only offer 2 basic pruning visits rather than the 7 visits Putnam offers for the Fine Gardening Program. Less visits results in lower quality.

•Roses and Perennials: We dead head and trim the roses and perennials constantly to allow for reblooming. If not dead headed multiple times, you will lose over 50% of the color from your landscape. This is essential for Fine Gardening. Most competitors don’t possess the expertise or understand the essential timing for these visits.

•Avoid Spreading Disease: Boxwoods and other plants will have fungus or disease issues. To avoid spreading the disease, Putnam’s is extremely careful in sanitizing equipment.

Total Approach Packaged Service

We offer a broad range of services including:

  • Weekly Lawn Mowing
  • Shrub Pruning & Weeding Beds
  • Mulch Installation
  • Tick Control
  • Deer and Rabbit Repellant
  • Spring Cleanup / Fall Cleanup
  • Lawn Care Fertilizing Programs
  • Shrub/Tree Health: spraying, injecting