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Tree Service in Connecticut

Our #1 goal is to protect the health and beauty of your valuable landscape and trees. Our highly rated tree service provides clear communication, timely coordination, and personalized treatment to ensure your trees are cared for in a professional manner and that you’re completely satisfied with the end results.  Using top of the line equipment, including an Aerial Lift Bucket machine, we’re able to work more efficiently than our competitors with no damage to your lawn or other plants and shrubs.

Trimming and Pruning to maintain appearance and health

Knowing when and how to trim and prune trees and shrubs is not only an important part of their life cycle, it also improves the aesthetics of your property and protects your house, garage, or car that can be damaged by falling or overgrown trees.

Other trimming and pruning benefits include promoting denser growth habit and a uniform shape to your trees or shrubs, encouraging flower production, increasing lawn space by allowing more sunlight to reach the grass, and preventing damage from overgrown branches that can snap during the Summer storms and Winter snow.

We have experience in treating large shade trees, decorative ornamentals, shrubs and hedges with care and precession.

Soil Care and Deep Root Fertilizer

All trees and shrubs need nutrients to develop and look their healthiest. However, soil left untreated can become nutrient poor causing trees to under develop, become weak, or die. Our high-pressure deep root system injects the proper nutrients deep into the network of roots deep in the ground. This enables your trees and shrubs to build strong defenses against both biotic and abiotic pathogens resulting in greener foliage and increased flower production.

Insect Control

We are skilled in identifying and then properly treating any harmful insect that may be infesting your trees and shrubs. If left untreated, trees will slowly weaken and die.

Disease Management

Early identification and treatment of a diseased tree is important in its recovery. Following a comprehensive inspection, and at times laboratory testing, we will identify the disease and recommend treatment to help bring your trees and shrubs back to it’s full potential.